Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Do Little Bike Seat safe?

Simply yes. This is a world wide unique design.

The design principle of the Do Little Bike Seat is that the load is transferred directly on to your bike frame without additional bars added. The safety benefits of our mid-mounted Do Little Bike Seat are that your weight distribution through your frame remains largely unchanged. The centre of gravity moves slightly forward but still within safe working parameters of your bike design. As opposed to a rear mounted carrier bike seat where the load is over or behind the rear tyre causing your front tyre to be lighter on the ground giving you less steering control and the wobbles. Likewise front mounted bike seats put all the weight over the front tyre greatly increasing the risk of flipping over the handle bars under breaking conditions or when going downhill.

Remember your child is always under your full view and control and it is up to you to ride within your own safety limits.

Will the Do Little Bike Seat damage my frame?

No. Your bike frame is safe. It is protected at all points of contact by rubber padding.

The Do Little Bike Seat is safe for all frames including your carbon fibre. There is no risk of crushing your bike frame tubing as the bolts don’t need to be excessively tightened for a secure hold.

Will the Do Little Bike Seat fit my bike/E-bike?

This product is designed to fit any bike from a double tube step-through frame (tubes minimum 50mm apart) up to a standard horizontal top tube bike frame with a maximum top tube width of 50mm (measured 200mm back from headset.)

The Do Little is designed for double tube (top tube and down tube) framed bikes. Therefore unsuitable for single tube bike frames or folding bikes.

Given the variety of E-bikes available, it is possible the Do Little will fit your E-bike. For E-bikes with batteries mounted on the rear carrier or seat stem we can guarantee the Do Little will fit. However if the battery is located on your down tube please get in touch so we can advise you.

If you are at all unsure about any bike we have an awesome support team who would love to help you.

Flick us an email through our contacts section with your bike make model and year and we will get back to you.

What age group and weight is the Do Little Bike Seat suitable for?

Our Do Little Bike Seat is suitable for children anywhere from 18 months to 7+ years old.

As long as your child has good balance and can follow your instructions to hold on to the handle bars then they’re ready to go.

This product has been Engineer Certified for a safe loading of up to 28kg / 61.7lbs.

Is the child strapped into the Do Little Bike Seat?

In short the answer is no. However we would re-phrase that question to ‘Should your child be strapped in?’

Consider this, ‘you’ will not be strapped in. Your child needs the same freedom of movement. When you hit rough terrain they will be able to rise from the saddle as you do to protect your back. In the event of a fall they will be thrown clear of the bike as you will.

Remember your child is always under your full view and control and it is up to you to ride within your own safety limits.

Are the foot stirrups height adjustable on the Do Little Bike Seat?

No. They are fixed in position and there is no need for them to be adjustable. As your child grows they arrive at more of a seated position than a semi-standing position. This is perfectly comfortable.

Does the Do Little Bike Seat comply with safety standards in my country?

There are no specific EN or British Standards or World Wide Standards that apply directly to this product.

There are no CE Marking Directives applicable to the Do Little Bike Seat therefore no CE Markings are required. As directly confirmed by the governing body.

However the Do Little Bike Seat has been safety tested by a Certified Engineer and has a certified safe loading certificate for up to 28kg. The Do Little design complies with engineering design standards.